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Welcome To LH Virtual Appointments

Legacy House now offers virtual appointments! Please complete the contact form below, then visit our virtual appointment portal by clicking the link below.

Your Luxury Short-Term Rental Stay & Property Management Search Ends Here!


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Ask us about our exceptional experience with short-term rental properties or property management services. Even better request a booking for our popular Executive short-term rentals. Prepare to be wowed, pampered, and pleased beyond measure as a Legacy House guest. 

Our future bevy of gorgeous short-term rental properties will boast a myriad of rare architectural gems ranging from domestic luxury short-term rentals to short-term rental international Boutique Brands 2022. 

Luxury and high-quality with exceptional flair and style are cornerstones of the Legacy House brand! With a keen focus on growth in sales and productivity, we naturally take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations for the most discerning guests! 

Check out our E-Learning Series specifically designed for Small Business Owners, Managers and Administrative Staff. This E-Learning Series teaches Small Business how to adapt and pivot their business model in favor of growth and sustainability.

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